• MythicPrefixes is a lightweight tag plugin for Spigot.

  • It is consistent with most other tag plugins, but provides a Tag Buff system.

  • This plugin won't auto add prefix to player chat and so on, you have to use other plugin, like TAB, Essentials and so on then use our PlaceholderAPI placeholder to display the prefix in it! This is just a prefix manager plugin.


  • Built-in choose tag GUI and custom size, title and tag display item slot.

  • Built-in ItemFormat simple version, can set custom model data, skull texture for tag display item!

  • Support the simultaneous use of multiple tags.

  • Set the display sorting of tags by weight system.

  • Support Hex Color and Gradient Color in tag.

  • Support use PlaceholderAPI in tag, display mini game stat or other thing in tag!

  • Create custom display placeholder, you set black prefixes, display format and max amount of tag to display and so on.

  • Can give player bonus MythicLib (MMOLib) stat.

  • Can give player libreforge effect, do things like other eco-style plugin doing. Like does 50% more damage to ender dragon!

  • Built-in a condition system, which can determine whether tags can be unlocked and the maximum number of tags that can be used simultaneously based on the conditions.

  • Run actions or circle-actions when player equip or unequip the tag. (You can set after player equip the tag it will auto equip player a cosmetic)

  • And much more!

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